Tips to improve photos of your real estate ads

The quality of photos is a crucial issue for real estate agencies, an ad with beautiful photos attracts more buyers and increases the chances of selling a property quickly. While 80% of real estate agents take their photos of ads, we offer you some valuable advice to consume without moderation.

Get quality gear!

Even if compact cameras and smartphones have made much progress in recent years, the result obtained will never be equal to a professional camera.

A matter of angle

Take your photos about 1m50 from the floor to show both the floor and a small part of the ceiling and give the future visitor an idea of the room’s volume. Do not choose a point of view too low (your customer will not visit on his knees), nor too high; your room will be crushed in both cases.

Finally, the icing on the cake, use accessories to make a “reverse field” like in the movies. Photograph the same room from two opposite angles, taking care to include on both photos the same easily recognizable object (a lamp, a trinket, a flower pot…). This will allow your future visitor to locate himself in the room better.

Storage and cleanliness

For your shots to be successful, the storage and cleanliness of the property are crucial. You can save time by making the owner aware of these issues when planning your visit, but always allow 30 to 45 extra minutes to prepare the property. Our professional photographer is uncompromising on this subject: “Clear, clear, sweep, pull crumpled bedspreads, remove useless furniture and knickknacks that overload rooms. Remove family photos, holiday memories, a class photo of the youngest… In short, favor minimalism and refined style.”

By making room, you will help your prospects project themselves and optimize your chances of triggering visits. However, do not fall into the opposite excess either, it is more difficult to sell an empty apartment or house. “As much as possible, take some photos before the occupants leave and keep in mind that a minimum of furniture placed in the right places can catch the eye and estimate the size of a room,” concludes Mr. Prévot.

Use corners.

To give an impression of relief and depth, aim diagonally: “Avoid the central viewpoints that crush the perspectives, the room will appear more spacious,” warns our specialist.

For an optimal result, take care of your posture: “back to the wall, legs slightly bent and spread, while keeping wide breathing (to avoid the “blur to move”).” Don’t forget to take a shot from each corner of each room, “obviously avoiding the little photogenic angles.”

Bring the main rooms to life!

To help potential buyers find their way, consider linking the rooms together: “Show on the same picture that the kitchen opens into the entrance, that the children’s room opens into the parents’ room or that the bathroom can be reached from the living room.

Never take pictures of toilets, dressing rooms or children’s rooms overflowing with toys… On the other hand, learn to “contort” yourself in the bathtub or shower for small bathrooms and if your device is equipped with a swivel screen, do not hesitate to use it to avoid taking pictures of yourself in the mirror…

Light is paramount

Make maximum use of natural lighting in the area. For that, choose the time slots of the report carefully to find the best exposure. Remember to consult the Weather forecast the day before the report and postpone an appointment in case of bad weather. “If necessary, come back a second time just a few minutes to take some extra shots at different times. You will thus show that the property is naturally luminous,” advises M. Prevot.

Avoid taking your pictures too late in the evening (or, worse, at night), “you would have to turn on the lights, which, while giving a “Cosy” and warm look to the rooms, will likely serve you,” he warns. Indeed, your prospects may have the impression that the property is too dark if all the lights have been turned on in the photos. Finally, open everything wide: “curtains, windows and patio doors to let in as much light as possible and enjoy the view.…

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Water Leakage Detection Methods

contractors inspecting pipes

In most residential areas, at least 1/3 of piped is not accounted. It is lost midway between water purification or pumping station and the tap at the consumption point. Besides, the conspicuous leaking pipes thrusting large pools of water, there is always a tiny leak in almost every functional tap.
It brings an enormous financial strain to consumers since water consumption by an individual or organisation tends to measured with the attached meter.


Causes of water leaks are;

  • a leak is never a fun thingPoorly maintained pipes
  • Rusting of pipes and connected infrastructure
  • Damage to pipes
  • Metering problems
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire fighting exercises
  • Water pressure

Leak Detection Strategies

Acoustic Profiling

One of most reliable leak detection methods. It involves the use of highly sensitive microphones (called hydrophones) placed both on the ground and in the pipe. The hydrophones detect vibrations produced by leakage and transmit it to listening devices which interpret the information to the reader.

Use of Tracer Gas (Sniffing)

Involves the use of a nitrogen and hydrogen blend. These are gases with small weight and molecular size. The gases are also safe from toxicity. The mixture is introduced into the pipe where it is propagated, leaking out at the damaged spot a making its way to ground where it is detected with probes. The point where the gas emerges from the ground
Thermal imaging

thermal detection of a leakThe method uses the difference in the thermal energy to detect leaks, often invisible to the unaided eye. Hot surfaces transmit infrared rays. Leaking water alters thermal profile of the surrounding soil. The difference in temperature between leaking water, soil and the pipe is interpreted by an infrared camera, thus identifying a damaged surface on the tube.


Water under pressure escaping pipes creates vibrations. By use of correlators or listening equipment, the point of noise detection is identified and eventually leads the corresponding source of noise.

Use Of Ground Radar

Leaking water creates spaces on the ground while making the soil absorb moisture and heating than the surrounding. The radar is deployed and analyses the soil profile of the area. These spaces and profile unevenness is detecting, revealing the leakage point.

Cable detection method

Other leakage methods are often imprecise, just locating estimate points. Sometimes, special noise loggers and tracers are attached to a wire and propagated through the entire pipeline, only stopping at the precise point of leakage.

Manual inspection

Sometimes a person can identify damaged pipes by just walking around the house or through the pipeline facilities locating the conspicuously leaking water.


Setbacks to Effective and Correct Leakage Detection.

  • The type of pipes influences the method of detection with plastic pipes being the hardest to identify.
  • Some equipment used, such as Thermal imagers are expensive.
  • The process may result to dismantling the entire distribution infrastructure.
  • The process can get too technical, involving hire of professionals, preparation of leak detection survey etc…
Why it’s important to detect water leakage.
  • To ensure efficiency
  • Reducing water bill
  • To prevent contamination
  • To improve lifespan the transmission infrastructure
  • To prevent further damage to equipment
  • Reducing water outages
  • Improving public relations as leakage pipes can be a nuisance in public places
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Your Kitchen is the Center of your Home


An essential part in the life of all the days, the kitchen deserves an accurate reflection before starting its development. Here are a few tracks for asking you the right questions.

Set the style

According to its aspirations and its financial means, the owner can choose between contemporary, classic or even traditional style cuisine. With a contemporary style, the room and all the components are designed with modern materials such as transparent glass. It is ideal not only for the furniture but also the accessories.

For individuals who appreciate the discretion, softness and elegance, they need the classical style composed of natural materials, style perennial and giving more convenience. Those who enjoy old warm kitchens can opt for the traditional style including furniture and wooden accessories.

After choosing his style, the owner must adapt colours and decoration of the room. But, the help of a professional is required, in this case, to avoid a wrong choice.

The work plan and furniture

On the work plan, the individual can choose between standard and custom. According to its aspirations, it may opt for the laminated or solid wood. The first type, which is also the most used, has the main advantage of being tenacious shock and temperature variation. Also, it requires no complicated maintenance and presents a better quality/price ratio.

As for solid wood, it also requires not heavy maintenance, but tenacity is lower than laminate. In cases where the owner has recourse to a tailor-made plan, the following materials are the most recommended: Slate, stainless steel and enamelled lava.

There are many elements in a kitchen. It is important to find a location to avoid their heaps, necessitating the cabinets. Each object must be placed close to their place of use. Thus, the glasses and plates must be near the dishwasher and the pans not far from the plates. For regular dishes, furniture and down are required. But to predict future changes, it is advisable to choose the modular storage furniture.

Just be careful with hidden costs :

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How Drones Are Used In the Construction and Home Buildings Industry

UAVs are highly popular in military operations. Nevertheless, as the cost of the needed technology continues to come down, their use is finding its way into many other fields such as crop spraying, surveying, filmmaking and construction.

In the construction industry, UAVs offer relatively effortless access to difficult or large sites. They can also be handy in tall, complex, and large structures. Site de comparatif de drones help in gathering of images, mapping information and aerial data used for:

  • Mapping data across sites
  • Security surveillance
  • Monitoring all activities on site
  • Providing visual material for building owners, clients or any other stakeholders
  • Inspections
  • Surveys

Ways drones are being used in construction projects


quadcopters help with planning and imagingThey can come in handy in quickly surveying job sites and building maps. Rather than using expensive surveying tools, heavy machinery and human resources to produce complex data, the vehicles can help you get your job done with half the money and in half the time. Oh, and they are highly accurate as well.

Show clients progress

Whenever clients stay away from job sites or cannot afford to visit the site frequently, there is no better way to show progress than by using this technology. Moreover, you can use them if your current pictures are not doing any justice to your project.

Monitoring job sites

Do you have to repeatedly shuttle between some job sites? Have you taken up several facelift or renovation for multiple properties? Putting up UAV to monitor not only the progress but also safety stands and ongoing work of the projects can surely save you a substantial amount of money, time, and energy.

Inspecting structures

ease of controlRather than using cumbersome software, countless people and depending on sophisticated readings, you can use a drone to obtain first-hand view of exactly how stable the structures are. Use drones also to see how aesthetically pleasing the structures are coming up and exactly where they are headed on the plan.

Better safety records

All the time, with both your ears and eyes in the sky, you’ll be much better strategically to locate unstable pillars and precariously balanced labourer. By using the technology for the survey, you can ultimately build not only your reputation but also an excellent safety system.

Keep your project on budget and on-track

Drones can help you identify any part of your project that is going off-track. You can also be able to prevent any casualties and rigorously monitor job sites. This way, you’ll be excellently prepared to get rid of any additions to project cost and time. There is no doubt about that.


The value of drones in the construction and home buildings industry is less or more tied to their capabilities of venturing into areas where heavy machinery and humans cannot. So what does this indicate? It simply indicates that these vehicles are agile, small as well as with minimal payload. They zip around with their high-res cameras as they relay progress shots together with aerial surveys to professionals on the ground.

It might sound more like negligible cost-cutting, but unquestionably, drones are playing a big role in business operations for many construction firms across the world. Visit this site to know more!

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Great Timber Supplier Tips

If you have been looking for a reliable timber supplier that will provide you with top quality wood for your home projects, then choose a credible service provider has its inherent benefits. Wood has been used since the pre-historic times and is still a common solution for most home based projects due a broad spectrum of reasons. However, while wood might be an excellent solution for your home projects, the exploitation of such type of resources can lead to adverse reactions to not only the ecosystem but also has a negative impact the future generations. For this reason, we take particular pride and comfort in ensuring our clients that all our wood is sourced using a sustainable procedure, and we also meet the regulatory stipulations of the nations as well. In this way, we get to provide our clients with reliable wood supply for their needs, while also ensuring that all our practices are sustainable.

Why you should choose us

Affordable pricing packages

Since we are aware that your home based projects are an excellent leisure time activity and a way to save on costly upholstery, we like to ensure all our clients that our prices are affordable enough to suit their budget needs. The immense amount of experience that we have garnered during our time in the service industry has allowed us to fine-tune our excellent timber supply services to suit out pricing plans. As a result, we tend to have affordable prices that are incomparable with the conventional timber companies.

Diversity in wood supply

this store offers a wide variety of productsWe have a broad spectrum of timber types including cedar, mahogany and teak amongst many others. Our clients will appreciate knowing that we have meticulously selected our trees and wood to guarantee excellent project results each time. To be specific, our trees have been selected and grown by biological experts who are the chief reasons why we tend to be associated with superior quality timber products.

Timely responses and professionalism

We are available on our phone lines when you need us the most, and all you only need to is to call us on our phone lines at any given time of day. On that same account, we also guarantee our clients that all our procedures are professional enough to ensure that the customer always receives the ideal value for their time and investment in our timber products.

Sustainable company

Part of our corporate social responsibility mandate as a wood company is to ensure that all our practices are not only sustainable for this generation, but for generations to come. Therefore, we tend to source our timber from credible service providers who have acquired the material through legitimate ways to ensure that the natural forests are conserved.

Finally, we know that your home based projects might is an important activity for you, and it is for this reason that we`d like to ensure you of professional services each time. We as a timber supply company have sufficient experience and competency to help you jumpstart or upgrade your home based projects with excellent results.

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What you typically don’t hear people mentioning about hot water heaters

Once installed, it’s easy to forget them because they usually serve between 8-12 years. That’s a long period of wanting to forget the cost of your water heater. What is more, they also account for up to 20% of your utility bills, which brings energy efficiency into the equation. Therefore, if you’re adding a new bathroom or just upgrading, this information should help you make a right decision where bathing with hot water systems is concerned.

Size of your water heater

Old tanks can continue serving for several more years before they break down. In the process, you’re likely to forget the heating capacity that the tank can contain. The right heating capacity takes care of the volume of water the device can heat for your household on a busy day. If you don’t take sizing into consideration, you will end up with an energy-gobbling unit in the basement. This is not a good thing for your energy bills.

The First Hour Rating (FHR) is a measure of how many volumes of water the unit can heat in the first hour when turned on fully. This is not the same as the number of volumes the tank will hold.
Gas and oil units have a higher FHR compared to electric models. Just keep in mind that flames tend to heat water quickly compared to heating elements.

Energy factor

EF is a measure of the percentage of energy that is converted into hot water. High EF means less power consumption and cost of operation. An EF of 1 would mean that 100% of the energy that your unit uses is transformed into steaming hot water – (theoretically impossible though).

Whereas getting a unit with a high ER is good, one has to factor in how much the energy being utilised will cost. Just keep in mind that a unit with an ER of 0.8 will cost more compared to a similar sized unit gas model marked 0.6. This is due to the high cost of electricity compared to gas –generally.

Heat traps

Heat traps are built-in connectors or traps inserted into the U form. Heat traps prevent thermosyphon from taking place. Thermosyphoning is the act of hot water rising in the supply pipes. You must, therefore, ensure that your unit has heat traps fitted into the system. Otherwise, you might consider adding them to your regular plumbing routine. A plumber will add retrofitting into your existing heater.


water taps or faucetsFoam or fibreglass is the most common forms of insulation. Gas or oil-powered tanks should be marked R-16. A higher figure is better. As for the electric ones, you should go for those marked R-22 or higher.
Insulation helps in protecting against heat loss when the unit is in idle mode. However, you should take note that trying to cover the unit with a fibreglass blanket won’t make up for the loss you’re likely to experience in an insufficiently insulated water heater. Just keep that in mind.


Equipped with this information, you can order an up to date water heater and have it installed by your plumber. This can take up to 3 hours depending on the amount of work to be done. You should be able to enjoy the hot water while saving on utility bills.

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Dongas Australian Relocatable Homes Of Value

Building and owning, homes can be a daunting task, but when you choose relocatable cabins, or dongas, the majority of the planning is already done for you. There are different floor plans, and different specifications, that can make these relocatable cabins more homely.


Australia’s wide-ranging weather conditions require that homes be made to withstand each region’s specific conditions. Real wood exteriors, steel framing, termite resistant frames and materials, and a customised plan will make these prefabricated homes the perfect choice, no matter where you live.

There are also pre-made floor plans to choose from. If you are in a hurry to get your new prefabricated home up, then the materials for these floor plans can be shipped out immediately. For a more personalised transportable home, all you need to do is contact the company, and they will take your custom order over the phone, or you can meet with a representative to customise all of the items in your new cabin.

Custom Orders

kitchen of a dongaThere are endless options for customising your prefabricated home. You can choose, to name just a few options, pitched roofs, sensor lights, security alarms, bay windows, vacuum formed doors, and even a wall mounted hair dryer for your home. These options alone do not cover all that is available. You will be able to have a home that meets your exact specifications, and have it built in no time at all with the custom home kit.
All of the standard cabins can be modified to meet your family’s personal needs. You can also choose a two story cabin with more bedrooms if you simply need more space. Today’s prefabricated homes are made to fit your family, and can be completely customised to what you want.


Today’s cabins contain not only the necessities but also the modern conveniences that everyone has grown accustomed to. Features such as hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows can take the average cabin to a new level of modern beauty and comfort, without sacrificing safety. If you live in one of the areas prone to cyclones, you are protected by steel framing that can withstand storms up to level two.


transportable home being relocatedYou can build your relocatable cabins yourself by following the plans that are included in your order, or you can have them constructed by a contractor. The pricing for the homes ranges from about $20,000 to about $250,000, depending on the features and customisation that you choose for your relocatable cabin. There are several affordable pricing options that you can choose from, as well.

With all that convenience, it’s hard not to choose dongas over the conventional housing styles.

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Gutter Maintenance for Proper Functioning Gutters

As a home owner, you need to look after your gutters if you want them to function effectively. Gutters play a significant role in collecting rain water for storage purpose. Another reason you need to install gutters to your roof would be to avoid flooding especially in your basement. If you are not an expert in this or you, do not have enough time to check regularly on your gutters, hire a gutter replacement bunbury professional. Get them to check on your gutters and roofs regularly.

Importance of gutters and downpipes maintenance

leaf gutter gard cleaningMake sure you inspect gutters during spring and autumn. Investing in gutter maintenance is an effective way of ensuring that they last for long and you keep gutters in good condition. The best part about maintenance is that you avoid costly repairs and replacement. Regularly checking on rain trenches gives you the opportunity to realise any fault in the channels and fix it immediately to avoid further damage. Rain chain maintenance providers will also give you advice and guidance on relevant areas or in areas you are going astray. Regular maintenance of gutters entails the following.

Gutter cleaning

Rain channels normally have debris, leaves and soil particles. If you do not get rid of such dirt particles, they will block drain outlets, pull channels loose or cause overflow. Do not allow leaves to stay on channels until it rains because the leaves will rot. Consider hiring a service provider to clean trenches at least twice a year. Alternatively, you can take up the task. However, if you decide to take up this task, make sure you are well conversant with the safety tips as well as cleaning tips. Ensure that you have all the tools ready including a fixed ladder to avoid accidents. Do not forget to wear protective gear like heavy work gloves.

Inspecting gutters

It is important to adjust trenches and ensure they are in the right position. Trenches tend to move from their original position or get loose. In that case, a free gutter will not serve its good purpose since it prevents water from moving towards downspouts. After adjusting, pour water through the trenches to test if they are draining well. Reposition trenches so that they slop in the direction of downspouts.

installing new gutters on my roof

Gutter repairs

Trenches get faulty from time to time, especially if they have stayed for a long time. If you have never replaced trenches for years, it is good that you replace them due to wear and tear. You may need to repair gutters if they are leaking or if they have missing parts like hangers. If you are considering replacing trenches or hangers, make sure you buy quality ones; otherwise, they will not last for long.

When hiring a repair technician to work on your rain channels, it is important that you make a wise decision. Go for a technician who has been in the service industry for a long time because such a technician has expertise. With an experienced repair technician you are assured of quality and expertise services. With the right professional, a home wonder can be assured of the best gutter repair and maintenance services.

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Home Improvement Ideas For Small Spaces

If you’re living in a small home with limited space there are some clever home improvement ideas that you can try to make your rooms appear larger. Try some of these tips and bring the illusion of spaciousness to your difficult to decorate spaces.

Light Color Schemes

The smaller the space, the lighter the color scheme you should choose. If you use a dark colored paint in a small room you are simply closing it in even more. A white or cream paint on the walls will open your space and make it appear lighter, larger and more airy.

Go Monochrome

Stick with a single color for your walls, flooring, accessories and furnishings. Go for different shades of the same main color and you’ll find that the effect created is of a larger room.

Choose The Right Lighting

Lighting can be key to opening up your room. Rather than relying on a single ceiling light fixture, try recessed spot lighting. This will avoid making your ceilings appear lower and won’t take up extra room.

Ceilings and Floors

Avoid using dark carpets and dark paint on your ceilings. Choose a light color for your floorings and ceiling paint as this is a clever designer trick for creating the illusion of more space.

Clever Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors really can create the impression of your room being much bigger than it actually is as long as they are strategically placed. Large wall mirrors are best, and if you want to make your room appear to be twice the size, the best way is to use mirrored wall tiles right across a single wall.

Glass Tables

Don’t clutter your space with a large wooden coffee table or nest of tables. Opt instead for a similar one made from clear glass. This will give you the convenience of having somewhere to put down your cups and magazines but its clear appearance will give the space a more open look.

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What You Need to Know about Hinged Doors In Aluminium

Hinges are linked objects mounted on the doors with a purpose of helping it to swing or slide when opened. They are made from movable materials which have a connectable mechanism to perform this task. Hinged doors in an aluminium can be used as a utility a door or better still as a front door in an office or commercial building.

Aluminium Hinged doors are the most sophisticated types of the door because they consist hinges that are mounted on either the left or the right side of the door enabling it to slide inwards or outwards when opened. They are versatile, making the suitable for a broad range of application which is not only strong but also durable. The hinged doors are manufactured as French doors, single doors or better still as a cottage pane.

An aluminum cladding is usually placed centrally on this kind of doors while the frame is processed from a pure form of aluminium. The door is then designed to fit customed-made sizes while having seals that have a capability of withstanding any weather condition and some corrosive agents. The glasses that are usually fitted with this kind of door are usually very durable and can be at times laminated for safety purposes.They can also be tinted in a wide range of colors.

When it comes to maintenance. Aluminium hinged door are the easiest to maintain and operate. Since they are made from different innovative designs, they have the ability to either slide, rotate or fold. You will also get designs that will allow a maximum entry of light into the house or the ones which have a well specified-finish. They can also be adjusted immediately, and this increases their general performance.

The doors also come in a wide variety of stiles and rails which offer a consumer with upgrading options such decorating of the glazing bar and adding beautiful sidelights.

Find more by visiting this website and make sure you watch this video:

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Revitalising Your Family Bathroom

Often, the bathroom is the smallest room in a family home, so it can sometimes be low on the list of priorities when considering which improvements to make. However, an unpleasant bathroom or one with poor quality fixtures and fittings can have a profound effect on the overall ‘feel’ or ‘liveability’ of a house.

Simply, it is no use impressing visitors with a luxurious kitchen or a sumptuous living room suite, only to leave them decidedly underwhelmed, or worse, should the need arise for them to visit the toilet. Similarly, if the time has come to sell a house, the bathroom is one of the key areas prospective buyers will look to when making their final judgements.

The good news is there are some simple and relatively inexpensive ways to enhance significantly a bathroom without the need for significant alterations. One aspect which can often be overlooked is the shower curtain. These can be purchased quite cheaply and are available in a tremendously broad range of variations, which means replacing an old one for a new style or colour is a clever and effective ways of refreshing a bathroom for very little cost. Another idea is to purchase two shower curtains in the same style so that they can be regularly alternated, meaning that one can be washed while the other is in use.

Before investing in an entirely new bathroom suite, consider replacing just the taps and fittings. The cost of doing this is far lower than replacing the whole suite, and the change can be just as effective. If a bathroom suite is fitted with vintage taps in an attractive, classic style but which have become tarnished, look for specialist companies who will use industrial chemicals to strip away the existing finish. The finish is then replaced, at which point it is also possible to change the appearance of the taps even more, for example by switching from chrome to a gold effect.

The possibilities for enhancing and revitalising a bathroom are endless, and with a little smart thinking, this can be achieved without breaking your bank account and finance. And once any problems in this important room have been dealt with, the rest of the house can get the opportunity to shine it deserves.

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Budget Conscious Home Improvement Tips

In times of recession many people have stopped making improvements to their homes. You do not need to spend lots of money on home improvements. It can also be done on a small budget. This article offers you simple, doable tips for improving your home in these times of recession, with a low budget.

Do small jobs yourself – If you decide to hire a contractor, think twice. May be you can do that job on your own. On the Internet, you can find many tips and instructions to perform these kinds of small home repairs. This way you would also gain some experience needed for big jobs.

Take help of a friend– If you have a friend or a neighbor who makes his livelihood out of home improvement jobs, he might provide you with some tips on your home improvement task and might also give you a hand with your work. Even if he has a hobby for construction or renovation tasks, he would be happy to do the job for you.

Costs Vs. Benefit – Instead of purchasing new expensive things, try to repair old things or use an alternative. Try to go for those home improvements which would be cost friendly in the long run. For example – Instead of spending money on your home heating system you can get insulated windows. You could use an HVAC system to lower your bill’s cost.

Look for bargains – When you visit a store or home improvement boutique try to find those things that were in fashion in the previous years as the shopkeeper would want to sell those as early as possible and you can get them for cheap. One makes changes in his home, once in a decade, so it doesn’t matter much if one of your rooms is one year back.

Rent, Don’t buy – You should not spend money on the tools you can get easily for rent instead of buying them. There is no sense in buying a new saw which would rust after using it once. Better talk to friends or neighbors and you might find what you are looking for.
When you renovate your home, not only you are satisfied but it also increases the value of your house. Following these tips would help you in that without spending much.

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Essential Pool Fencing Ideas and Tips for Homeowners

A pool in your backyard is a brilliant idea, and it goes a long way in keeping the kids and everyone else in the household busy.

Its importance is even magnified during warm summer, but unfortunately, accidents still happen. In fact, drowning in backyard pools occurs each year, and that is why pool security is critical. Swimming pools need to be properly fenced to keep away toddlers and increase the security of the pool.

Choosing a Safe Pool Fence

wonderful outdoor poolPool fencing can be achieved in some ways. However, regardless of the fence that you choose, you must ensure that it meets the relevant standards. A typical pool fence must not have gaps that wide enough to let toddlers squeeze through. It must also not have any footholds. The material itself needs to be strong enough so that it can withstand a heavy knock. After fulfilling these conditions, you can then go ahead and look at the different types and styles available.

Types of Fences

Fences that can be used around pools come in three main types; removable mesh, vertical bar and glass panel fencing. Removable mesh pool fencing is easy to move making it popular amongst many homeowners. Vertical bar fencing can be made from different materials including wood, aluminium and vinyl. Vertical bar fencing is not susceptible to damage and is transparent thus giving you a clear view of your pool all the time.

Fencing Styles

The style that you choose is your personal preference. Some of the common styles that you can go for are:

Flat Top

This has vertical tube bars that are fixed inside flat horizontal upper and lower rails. The result is usually a fence that is of uniform height.

Loop Top

This style is characterised by sections of the tubular piping used form two vertical bars.


This design uses vertical wires instead tubular rods. Even though they are expensive, they are a worthwhile investment because they were safe and long lasting. Wired-base fencing is available in galvanised or powder coated finishes.

Pool fencing is essential for any homeowner. Since it keeps your kids and even pets safe, then you must ensure that you have the right fence in place.

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