Tips to improve photos of your real estate ads

The quality of photos is a crucial issue for real estate agencies, an ad with beautiful photos attracts more buyers and increases the chances of selling a property quickly. While 80% of real estate agents take their photos of ads, we offer you some valuable advice to consume without moderation.

Get quality gear!

Even if compact cameras and smartphones have made much progress in recent years, the result obtained will never be equal to a professional camera.

A matter of angle

Take your photos about 1m50 from the floor to show both the floor and a small part of the ceiling and give the future visitor an idea of the room’s volume. Do not choose a point of view too low (your customer will not visit on his knees), nor too high; your room will be crushed in both cases.

Finally, the icing on the cake, use accessories to make a “reverse field” like in the movies. Photograph the same room from two opposite angles, taking care to include on both photos the same easily recognizable object (a lamp, a trinket, a flower pot…). This will allow your future visitor to locate himself in the room better.

Storage and cleanliness

For your shots to be successful, the storage and cleanliness of the property are crucial. You can save time by making the owner aware of these issues when planning your visit, but always allow 30 to 45 extra minutes to prepare the property. Our professional photographer is uncompromising on this subject: “Clear, clear, sweep, pull crumpled bedspreads, remove useless furniture and knickknacks that overload rooms. Remove family photos, holiday memories, a class photo of the youngest… In short, favor minimalism and refined style.”

By making room, you will help your prospects project themselves and optimize your chances of triggering visits. However, do not fall into the opposite excess either, it is more difficult to sell an empty apartment or house. “As much as possible, take some photos before the occupants leave and keep in mind that a minimum of furniture placed in the right places can catch the eye and estimate the size of a room,” concludes Mr. Prévot.

Use corners.

To give an impression of relief and depth, aim diagonally: “Avoid the central viewpoints that crush the perspectives, the room will appear more spacious,” warns our specialist.

For an optimal result, take care of your posture: “back to the wall, legs slightly bent and spread, while keeping wide breathing (to avoid the “blur to move”).” Don’t forget to take a shot from each corner of each room, “obviously avoiding the little photogenic angles.”

Bring the main rooms to life!

To help potential buyers find their way, consider linking the rooms together: “Show on the same picture that the kitchen opens into the entrance, that the children’s room opens into the parents’ room or that the bathroom can be reached from the living room.

Never take pictures of toilets, dressing rooms or children’s rooms overflowing with toys… On the other hand, learn to “contort” yourself in the bathtub or shower for small bathrooms and if your device is equipped with a swivel screen, do not hesitate to use it to avoid taking pictures of yourself in the mirror…

Light is paramount

Make maximum use of natural lighting in the area. For that, choose the time slots of the report carefully to find the best exposure. Remember to consult the Weather forecast the day before the report and postpone an appointment in case of bad weather. “If necessary, come back a second time just a few minutes to take some extra shots at different times. You will thus show that the property is naturally luminous,” advises M. Prevot.

Avoid taking your pictures too late in the evening (or, worse, at night), “you would have to turn on the lights, which, while giving a “Cosy” and warm look to the rooms, will likely serve you,” he warns. Indeed, your prospects may have the impression that the property is too dark if all the lights have been turned on in the photos. Finally, open everything wide: “curtains, windows and patio doors to let in as much light as possible and enjoy the view.…

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