Dongas Australian Relocatable Homes Of Value

Building and owning, homes can be a daunting task, but when you choose relocatable cabins, or dongas, the majority of the planning is already done for you. There are different floor plans, and different specifications, that can make these relocatable cabins more homely.


Australia’s wide-ranging weather conditions require that homes be made to withstand each region’s specific conditions. Real wood exteriors, steel framing, termite resistant frames and materials, and a customised plan will make these prefabricated homes the perfect choice, no matter where you live.

There are also pre-made floor plans to choose from. If you are in a hurry to get your new prefabricated home up, then the materials for these floor plans can be shipped out immediately. For a more personalised transportable home, all you need to do is contact the company, and they will take your custom order over the phone, or you can meet with a representative to customise all of the items in your new cabin.

Custom Orders

kitchen of a dongaThere are endless options for customising your prefabricated home. You can choose, to name just a few options, pitched roofs, sensor lights, security alarms, bay windows, vacuum formed doors, and even a wall mounted hair dryer for your home. These options alone do not cover all that is available. You will be able to have a home that meets your exact specifications, and have it built in no time at all with the custom home kit.
All of the standard cabins can be modified to meet your family’s personal needs. You can also choose a two story cabin with more bedrooms if you simply need more space. Today’s prefabricated homes are made to fit your family, and can be completely customised to what you want.


Today’s cabins contain not only the necessities but also the modern conveniences that everyone has grown accustomed to. Features such as hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows can take the average cabin to a new level of modern beauty and comfort, without sacrificing safety. If you live in one of the areas prone to cyclones, you are protected by steel framing that can withstand storms up to level two.


transportable home being relocatedYou can build your relocatable cabins yourself by following the plans that are included in your order, or you can have them constructed by a contractor. The pricing for the homes ranges from about $20,000 to about $250,000, depending on the features and customisation that you choose for your relocatable cabin. There are several affordable pricing options that you can choose from, as well.

With all that convenience, it’s hard not to choose dongas over the conventional housing styles.

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