Essential Pool Fencing Ideas and Tips for Homeowners

A pool in your backyard is a brilliant idea, and it goes a long way in keeping the kids and everyone else in the household busy.

Its importance is even magnified during warm summer, but unfortunately, accidents still happen. In fact, drowning in backyard pools occurs each year, and that is why pool security is critical. Swimming pools need to be properly fenced to keep away toddlers and increase the security of the pool.

Choosing a Safe Pool Fence

wonderful outdoor poolPool fencing can be achieved in some ways. However, regardless of the fence that you choose, you must ensure that it meets the relevant standards. A typical pool fence must not have gaps that wide enough to let toddlers squeeze through. It must also not have any footholds. The material itself needs to be strong enough so that it can withstand a heavy knock. After fulfilling these conditions, you can then go ahead and look at the different types and styles available.

Types of Fences

Fences that can be used around pools come in three main types; removable mesh, vertical bar and glass panel fencing. Removable mesh pool fencing is easy to move making it popular amongst many homeowners. Vertical bar fencing can be made from different materials including wood, aluminium and vinyl. Vertical bar fencing is not susceptible to damage and is transparent thus giving you a clear view of your pool all the time.

Fencing Styles

The style that you choose is your personal preference. Some of the common styles that you can go for are:

Flat Top

This has vertical tube bars that are fixed inside flat horizontal upper and lower rails. The result is usually a fence that is of uniform height.

Loop Top

This style is characterised by sections of the tubular piping used form two vertical bars.


This design uses vertical wires instead tubular rods. Even though they are expensive, they are a worthwhile investment because they were safe and long lasting. Wired-base fencing is available in galvanised or powder coated finishes.

Pool fencing is essential for any homeowner. Since it keeps your kids and even pets safe, then you must ensure that you have the right fence in place.

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