Replacing your Windows

Installing new windows will improve the energy efficient of your home and also enhance the appearance of old houses. However, some homeowners are reluctant because of the fortune the fanlight might cost plus the installation fees. But these shouldn’t be an issue with the varieties of options from vendors.


listen to the professionalsDetermining the material and the style you prefer for your new windows can be challenging. However, replacement windows are built from wood, composite or even vinyl, and they come in virtually any style including the single and double hung or casement.
You should measure the width and the height of the existing one from jamb to jamb and the height from the sill up to the top of the frames and then to the left side, at the middle and the right side. Use the minimum measurements for both width and height to ensure that the replacement fits correctly into the window frame.

What to consider

Budget; prepare a preliminary budget based on how much you can afford and the number of windows you intend to replace. The cost varies according to the different material, features and designs of your preference.

Window type; how do you want the window to be, is it to be of architectural design is it for merely providing functionality? Would you like it to open and close, or how should it operate keeping in mind that they are there to ensure security at home?

Factor in the time of the year; the installation takes at least several days during which your house or office will be left vulnerable to elements.

Professional recommendations

time to replace these old windowsYou should discuss with your specialist the various types of windows that the vendor has to offer, their cost, merits, and demerits of each. The wood frames, wood that is aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad don’t require paint hence has a lower maintenance. The vinyl clad doesn’t come in varieties of colours hence; it’s not a guarantee to get a particular shade of your preference.

Considering the energy-efficient options that is; the window’s Low-E glass and the standard insulated glass. The Low-E coating lowers heat loss through the glass while at the same time allowing the heat from the sun to penetrate. A gas-filled–has krypton or argon in between a double glazing to minimise heat loss- features estimated to lower your cooling and heating bills. Does the expected saving justify you to incur the extra cost? There are the vinyl and the aluminium frames which are less costly when compared to the wood-clad aluminium and plastic although you don’t get to enjoy the same installation benefits.


The bottom line of window replacement is to ensure that the installer is well secured before you go ahead to pay any money. Therefore, when work begins you are guaranteed to have accountability for every single penny spent.