Revitalising Your Family Bathroom

Often, the bathroom is the smallest room in a family home, so it can sometimes be low on the list of priorities when considering which improvements to make. However, an unpleasant bathroom or one with poor quality fixtures and fittings can have a profound effect on the overall ‘feel’ or ‘liveability’ of a house.

Simply, it is no use impressing visitors with a luxurious kitchen or a sumptuous living room suite, only to leave them decidedly underwhelmed, or worse, should the need arise for them to visit the toilet. Similarly, if the time has come to sell a house, the bathroom is one of the key areas prospective buyers will look to when making their final judgements.

The good news is there are some simple and relatively inexpensive ways to enhance significantly a bathroom without the need for significant alterations. One aspect which can often be overlooked is the shower curtain. These can be purchased quite cheaply and are available in a tremendously broad range of variations, which means replacing an old one for a new style or colour is a clever and effective ways of refreshing a bathroom for very little cost. Another idea is to purchase two shower curtains in the same style so that they can be regularly alternated, meaning that one can be washed while the other is in use.

Before investing in an entirely new bathroom suite, consider replacing just the taps and fittings. The cost of doing this is far lower than replacing the whole suite, and the change can be just as effective. If a bathroom suite is fitted with vintage taps in an attractive, classic style but which have become tarnished, look for specialist companies who will use industrial chemicals to strip away the existing finish. The finish is then replaced, at which point it is also possible to change the appearance of the taps even more, for example by switching from chrome to a gold effect.

The possibilities for enhancing and revitalising a bathroom are endless, and with a little smart thinking, this can be achieved without breaking your bank account and finance. And once any problems in this important room have been dealt with, the rest of the house can get the opportunity to shine it deserves.

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